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Not getting proper WiFi throughout your home or business? Keep losing connection? Signal drops in and out? Frustrated with poor and intermittent WiFi connection?
We can help!

Welcome to Wifiworks

Wifiworks specialise in all aspects of WiFi signal systems for home and business. We are one of the UK's leading installers of fast and reliable systems.

Our systems carry your incoming broadband internet connection from your router straight to your device. We are the choice for a fast response to solve your WiFi problems. We are the WiFi signal experts.

Home WiFi Solutions

We offer smart, intelligent WiFi solutions that ensure every room of your house gets the connection speed you are paying for from your internet broadband supplier with no signal loss. Getting your WiFi home signal sorted means you get the most from the speed you are paying for.

Our home systems are designed to keep you connected to the internet making sure none of your signal gets lost between your broadband router and your device. Our systems intelligently distribute your signal between your devices so everyone gets a share of the broadband speed.

If you are working from home and have a loft room or garden room office we can install a system to get you a fast and reliable signal so you don’t drop out of a video call or struggle to upload a file.

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Home WiFi Internet of Things

Business WiFi Solutions

Wifiworks engineers are experienced in installing commercial WiFi systems with interconnected access points, switches and data cabinets for factories, offices, bars, hotels, restaurants and pubs

Our commercial systems are designed and configured to deliver super strength reliable WiFi signal distribution for businesses driven by ecommerce. With the new normal of remote working we offer WiFi solutions for businesses looking to help their staff work from home.

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Business WiFi Services

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