Get fast and reliable internet connection where you need it most with a home WiFi network

If you are currently running all your internet devices from the broadband router your Internet Service Provider (ISP) installed you may be experiencing slow or unstable internet connection in certain areas of your home despite having a fast speed broadband subscription.

This is because your broadband router is only capable of distributing a consistent WiFi signal if there are no obstacles, typically of steel and concrete, in between its signal path and the destination device.

Some ISP’s provide you with a repeater device or signal extender that connects wirelessly to your broadband router and extends the signal to where it is unable to get to. These can work with mixed results.

They are often inhibited by two limiting factors. They rely on a wireless connection and not a data cable connection and they don’t intelligently manage the distribution of your signal. They are a DIY dumb hardware solution designed to work in the most simplest of situations. Which is why we replace so many of them.

Our WiFi systems run off a cabled connection to your existing broadband router using fast data cabling capable of carrying huge amounts of data to where it is needed quickly and reliably.

A home network is a series of connected Access Points that use intelligent software to manage the changing bandwidth and speed demands of each device on your network and provides a consistent seamless connection experience even when you move around your home.

Each device in your home is registered and connected to your network and managed through a network dashboard that you can access remotely adding or removing devices as you need them.

Home WiFi Network

Site Survey

If you are ready to take your WiFi seriously and want to experience the power and speed that a premium home WiFi network can give you then the first step is a site survey.

We will measure the signal strength in all areas of your property and design an optimal Access Point network to work within your budget and needs.


Typically an installation will take up to 1 day to run data cable, install, configure and test all the Access Points to create your home network.

A typical 4-5 bedroom property with a loft conversion, kitchen extension and broadband router situated in the hallway or utility room would need a 4 Access Point network solution to deliver high speed and reliable signal across all areas of the property.

Larger properties with outbuildings, cinema rooms and annexes will require more Access Points and other hardware and possibly a data cabinet or network switch all depending on the property size and your needs.

Our site survey and installation engineers will guide you through all the options to design the optimum network for your home.

Support & Protection

In order to keep your home WiFi network safe, secure and running optimally with the latest security updates we offer an optional free 6 month network support package with an ongoing low cost subscription.

You can also have the option to use the network management dashboard and manage it yourself.

Talk to us about the options available to always keep your WiFi network running at its best.

Access Points

Our Access Points are designed to act intelligently to create a managed WiFi network ensuring all your devices receive the fastest signal when and where it is needed most.

Each Access Point we install is powered from your broadband router via the data cable connection and won’t require any installation of additional electrical sockets.

We have a range of premium Access Point options made by leading manufactures in the field of WiFi that we can recommend depending on your budget, interior decoration style and bandwidth needs.

Mesh vs Access Point Networks

A mesh system is a series of individual WiFi routers connected together wirelessly using your broadband router signal.

The primary downside with this system is that signal speed can drop by up to 50% as your device moves from each Mesh router meaning you may have 200mbps coming into the property but by the time you get to the 3rd or 4th Mesh router you are seeing speeds of 2mbps.

Access Point systems do not need an electrical power outlet unlike Mesh router systems.

Our WiFi networks are powered by intelligent network management software and can be located in discrete and optimal locations. There is no loss of signal speed as you move your device throughout your home.

Powerline Adapters vs Access Point Network

You may be exploring the cheaper option of over the counter powerline adapters that use your domestic electrical wiring to distribute your internet signal.

This is by far the slowest and most unreliable network system set up. Powerline adapters are always incredibly unreliable and result in huge speed loss because they send the data signal from your broadband router in all directions across your domestic electrical circuit.

Our Access Point networks provide a direct and reliable chain to broadcast your WiFi signal without any data loss.

Since the pandemic started we have been called out to replace hundreds of mesh networks, range extenders and powerline network systems that are unable to cope with the demands of home working, home schooling, zoom calls and entertainment.


Our installations start from £495 plus VAT for a simple single Access Point installation to distribute your WiFi signal to the room where you need it most.

Additional Access Points can be added at a later date, as required.

We discuss your needs at the point of our site survey and work with your budget, timings and requirements to find an optimal solution that works for you.

Smart Home

Building a SMART home

With a reliable, high speed Home WiFi network installed you can join the home revolution and build a smart home with all the latest home entertainment, audio, security and utility devices that rely on fast, reliable internet connection.

Wifiworks have extensive experience installing and integrating cinema rooms, in ceiling cinema screens, security systems, Sky Q, door-bell systems, Sonos Audio, in ceiling and in wall premium speaker systems, lighting and home heating systems.

If you are planning a new build or property renovation talk to us first about the projects we have completed working with some of the best architectural firms and interior designers to install and manage fast and powerful Home WiFi networks.

Contact us to arrange a site meeting to discuss your vision, advise on hardware and equipment configurations that will deliver your internet powered dream home.

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