WiFi where you need it, when you need it!

Get the fast internet speed where you need it most with a Garden WiFi network

If you are home working from a garden room we can install and configure a fast, reliable WiFi network system using the latest intelligent access point hardware to deliver a powerful, consistent high speed signal to your garden room.

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We are experts in recommending and installing the right combination of WiFi hardware solution to connect your garden room to your main property's broadband router.

Selecting the right hardware and data cable connections for a garden room are key for a fast, reliable WiFi signal.

Our Site Survey and Installation teams have extensive experience connecting garden rooms of any size and distance from the main property.

We can advise you on the best solutions to work with your size and type of Garden room.

Getting Connected

Installing any WiFi hardware that connects to an external building from the main property has its own unique challenges.

Wifiworks are experts in navigating through the options.

Our Site Survey Engineer will work with you to discuss different methods of providing connections to guarantee a fast uninterrupted signal to your garden room.

Network Management

The one element many people overlook when comparing off the shelf solutions with custom network installations is the software configuration.

This is the real magic behind a powerful home WiFi network and without the expertise in correctly selecting the right hardware and configuring its software the network won’t run at its optimal speed and the network will be unstable.

Wifiworks engineers have backgrounds in commercial network systems and can design and configure your garden room system to be strong, reliable and fast.

All our networks come with a personal network dashboard so you can control and check the health of your network anytime from anywhere.


All the hardware we install can be managed remotely and we offer an optional 6 months free network support on every installation and a low price subscription for ongoing network management.

New Build Garden Room Projects

If you are in the planning stages of purchasing an off the shelf garden room or building one from the ground up we can advise you on all the options available to fully connect it with high speed internet and all the equipment to realise your vision.

Our WiFi engineers can turn your garden room into a full equipped home entertainment or work space. We can install the latest home cinema solutions, SKY Q, and Sonos Audio Zone Systems with discrete and powerful in ceiling or wall speakers. All connected to the internet with a powerful, reliable and fast WiFi network.

If you are creating a space with a work focus we can recommend and install the latest video conferencing hardware and smart WiFi security systems to protect your investment.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you and your builder in the planning and build phase of your garden room project. We would love to hear from you.


Prices for garden rooms depend on many factors and our Site Survey engineer will design each system to work with your needs.

As a guide our entry level solutions start at £495 plus VAT.

Our expert engineers can get you connected no matter where you are

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