Case Studies

Based in Warwickshire this fast expanding company were having great problems with their existing wifi network. Their existing network was a mish mash of various access points including Unifi and TP-Link. Again after the usual analysis we realised that in general their whole network needing redoing not just the wifi. The most important issue was that they were not using a dhcp server. The i.t manager was assigning static i.p addresses to all users and devices. Although the Zone Director 1200 can be implemented as a dhcp server for a range of i.p’s it is not recommended as a proper solution.

So were are having to implement a new network with a larger range of i.p addresses so in the future we do not run out of i.p leases. Providing the servers with new static i.p’s and make sure all of the relevant port forwarding is done. The is a two phase project and we will update this page again shortly with more pics and information.

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